16 Ideas for Hunkering Down with the Kids

16 Ideas for Hunkering Down with the Kids

The winter brings its own brand of beauty and magic. Light snowfalls and planning for a new season can be a whimsical and exciting time. Being nestled in your home when winter weather strikes can be a relaxing change of pace, but being at home with young children can get stressful, particularly if you are on snow day number four!

I live in an area of the world that is pretty famous for bad weather and I feel fairly certain that I’ve perfected ways to keep multiples entertained while hunkered down at home. However, this is not necessarily a Pinterest-worthy list. This is a list that you can pick from while negotiating the mounting laundry and your second (or third!) cup of coffee!

1) Have an art show! Wait, don’t run away. This isn’t an arts and crafts project. I repeat: there are no stains or glitter ahead. I propose instead, that you take that pile of art work you’d never dare throw out and help your multiples display their work in your home. Tape on the wall or magnets on the fridge will suffice. The real magic of the art show is the attention you will pay to the presentation. If they are old enough, let them name their work and share their inspiration with you and their siblings. You can prompt a presentation from little ones with a “what were you feeling when you made this?” or “why did you choose one color over another?”…etc. The important part is they have the spotlight. Instead of a cursory, “That’s nice,” as they jump up and down by your side at the stove, your child’s art has your full appreciation and is on display for the whole family to see.

2) Nothing beats winter blues better than a Beach Party! Think warm, vacation thoughts with this one. Get in your bathing suits and put on your shades. The best part? No sweat, no sand and no reapplying the sunscreen! Have lunch together on your beach towels while listening to the steel drums on Pandora and pretending you can see dolphins playing in the distance. The imagination your kids will provide is what makes this fun, so follow their lead.

3) Play in the snow! I know you don’t want to go outside. For many of us, we get heaps of snow all winter long and it loses its fun after a few days. Instead, bring the outside in! Fill a water table or plastic bin with snow and get out sand toys to play with it inside. This is an especially great activity if one of your multiples needs sensory input. Also, just think of all the extra laundry you’ll be sparing yourself with none of that running in to get warm and back out to play mess!

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Tobi Stewart
Authored by: Tobi Stewart

Tobi Stewart has been writing for Multiplicity since its start. She is a wife, mommy of twins, and a Contemplative Educator who specializes in working with autism families.

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