Behavioral Challenges + How to Work Through Them at Home

Behavioral Challenges + How to Work Through Them at Home

As parents, we all know that every kid can be challenging, but we can also identify when it seems to be more than just a bad day. Granted, I’m no parenting expert, but I certainly have a few years under my belt as to things that didn’t work out so well for us.

It was 2nd grade for us when a teacher felt that one of my twin girls, E, should be evaluated for ADHD. Of course, as this was the twin that could never sit still, sought a thrill at every turn (that would usually stop the hearts of most fellow moms), was very impulsive, and easily flitted from one activity to the next without finish, it came as little surprise. We made the appointment with our pediatrician and had all the proper paperwork filled out for her evaluation. The results were inconclusive, but the doctor wanted to remedy the situation by trying a low dosage of the least effective drug for ADHD on the market — adderall. We left with the prescription and started her right away. Day time on the medicine proved fruitful. She seemed less fidgety and more focused. Nighttime was a whole different story. At around 3:00am, E would wake crying and peeling her clothes off that would quickly lead to her scratching and the panic rising to full screams. She was hallucinating; she felt like tiny spiders were crawling all over her body biting her. After the third night in a row, my husband and I decided the medicine wasn’t for her and that we’d have to try another route. We called the doctor and she agreed that maybe E’s diagnosis was too gray and there were other, lesser invasive options to helping her cope. We started to learn that perhaps medication would only mask the problem anyway, so why not figure out how to help her manage the behavior?

However, this was all new territory for us. Fortunately and somehow miraculously, E’s symptoms seemed to go away or at least lessen to the point that we could manage them a bit better.

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Talitha McGuinness
Authored by: Talitha McGuinness

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