Dad Confessions

Dad Confessions

When I sat down to begin writing this article, I was full of whimsical little anecdotes about my experiences with my twins. I wanted to share some lighthearted exchanges about my successes, my failures, and the countless things I have learned over the last several years. However, that all changed yesterday morning. When I awoke yesterday and flipped on the news to begin my day, I expected the usual. I was counting on the weather, traffic, maybe some politics. What I wasn’t counting on was my heart to be broken, to be confronted with a parent’s worst nightmare. I am of course speaking of the horrible tragedy that took the life of a two year old child and left a family devastated. A child innocently playing in the surf, in a place that is the epitome of fun, happiness, and love, suddenly ripped from his family by the jaws of an alligator.

Now, a day later and still reeling with what happened and how that dad tried to save his child, my thoughts have turned to something else. A singular thought has been running through my head…we can’t always be the dads we want to be. It is that simple, really. We are conditioned to protect the flock, to keep the wolves at bay, and sometimes we do just that. Unfortunately, as we see far too often, sometimes we just can’t. There are times that no matter how strong, how smart, how protective we are, we can’t do what needs to be done. This resonated with me for several reasons, one being that I am the oldest child raised for most of my life by a single mother, in a fairly rough neighborhood. I learned early that life wasn’t fair, that bad things happened, and I learned to protect my family.

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Christopher Stoll
Authored by: Christopher Stoll

Christopher is the definition of a “Jack of all trades”. When he is not spending quality time with his wife & boy/girl twins, there is no telling where you may find him. He may be on the baseball field volunteer coaching, he may be perusing through his music to create his next playlist, or he very well may be writing his next blog. Christopher was born and raised by a single mom in the Bronx, learning most of the life lessons that come through in his writing. He now resides in Staten Island, New York, where he is currently undergoing on-the-job training to be the best Dad he can be. You can check out his blog or follow him on facebook.

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