DIY: Family Message Center

DIY: Family Message Center

As a working mom of five, some days I am just desperate for ways to teach my children to be a little more self-reliant.

I noticed that one of my friends had a small white board on an easel on her kitchen counter, and it’s brilliant because she writes on it each night just what her kids need to do the next day.

But with five children to juggle, I needed more room to track schedules. The boards that I designed for this project are for a family with three children but really, that’s a lot more realistic; not everyone is as crazy as me!

The Design
Tacky gold frames are easy to find in thrift stores, and I was lucky enough to come across a stash of over 60 matching frames with glass at my local Habitat ReStore. Needless to say, the art was horrible, but I knew the frame and glass would be perfect. Glass works just like a white board and both dry and wet erase markers work perfectly, so all I had to do was to create a design that put a solid color behind the glass in order to show off the writing.

I decided to create an erasable weekly calendar so the kids could see the whole week in advance, and add their own notes. I also created a matching board with white board space for general reminders and cork board to pin up schedules, artwork or photos.

The Materials
*1 frame for each board you intend to make (mine are 2’x3′)
*I used pads of white board and burlap to create the surfaces for my boards.
*10′ of screen molding if your board is 2’x3′
*White satin spray primer and paint in one
*Decorative buttons
*Gold thumb tacks
*Unpainted wood letters and any decorative motifs you like
*Glue gun and glue
*Glue stick

Click here to see step-by-step videos and learn how to complete Barbara’s Family Message Center…

Barbara Miller
Authored by: Barbara Miller

Barbara is the mom of 5 and a professional ASID interior designer. She uses her experience designing high end homes as inspiration for creating stylish, home decor projects you can do yourself on a budget. When she isn’t designing homes, remaking thrift shop finds or driving carpool, she can be found serving on the board of the Portland Children’s Museum, contributing pro-bono hours to local school design committees or supporting child-centered non-profits nationwide. Also, connect with her on facebook and pinterest.

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