Essential Baby Gear x2!

Essential Baby Gear x2!

When most parents start their search for baby gear there are many lists available to guide them through the gear they need and how many of everything they should have to be prepared. However, when you find out you are expecting multiples it can be hard to know what gear will work best and how many you need of each item. Should we assume we need two of everything? Can we get away with sharing everything? Do we really need to spend twice as much? This guide will help you know what gear is essential to have two of and where you only need to invest in one.

Must have two:

  1. Car Seats: This one may seem a little obvious but you need to be prepared with two infant car seats properly installed to leave the hospital. Look for car seats that are light weight so it is a little easier to manage carrying two. Also look for features that make them easier for you to use such as a no rethread hardness and washable fabrics.
  2. Cribs and Crib Mattresses: While you may choose to have the babies in one crib or bassinets at first you will eventually need two cribs. Infants can sleep 16-18 hours a day which means they will spend a lot of time on their mattresses so be sure to look for crib mattresses that are non-toxic. Also look for crib mattresses that are light weight while still being firm and tight fitting into the crib to make all those sheet changes a little easier.
  3. Baby Carriers: When your twins are infants you can carry one baby and another parent or care giver can carry the other baby and when they get older you will be able to master carrying both twins. This is one of the only ways to ensure you have your hands free and as a bonus you get a work out from carrying both babies. Look for carriers that don’t require a separate infant insert so you don’t have another piece of gear to keep track of.
  4. Activity Gear: You will definitely need more than one area that can contain and entertain your babies but you don’t need more than one in the same category. Check out your options in bouncy seats, swings, activity mats and high chairs (one that reclines so it can be used from infancy). While one baby is relaxing in their bouncy seat another can be doing tummy time on the activity mat. Look for products in this category that grow with your babies so they can be used through multiple stages.
  5. Soft Goods: Make sure to double up on crib sheets, mattress protectors, bibs, swaddle blankets, towels and anything else that will be going through the wash. Each baby will go through their own set and you will be busy enough and you don’t want to have to worry about constantly doing laundry just to ensure you have what you need.
  6. Anything that goes in their mouth or nose: Even between multiples you don’t want to share germs so get two of anything that you put into baby’s mouth or nose such as a nasal aspirator, thermometer (think rectal) or medicine dispensers. Grab two in different colors or label them before you bring the babies’ home so each baby as their own set.

Just need one:

  1. Bath Tub: Bath time is a great time to bond with each baby individually and it can simply be very stressful trying to get two babies clean at once. Look for one tub that moves from infants to toddlers without extra accessories. This also means one set of bath toys (for now anyway).
  2. Nursing Pillow: Look for a nursing pillow with some stretch or one that is made specifically for twins. You may hear suggestions about using them later as a floor support pillow but you don’t need two as long as you have those other areas to contain your other baby.
  3. Diaper Bag: Each baby definitely doesn’t need their own diaper bag or set of supplies. However, you should look for one diaper bag that is large and has plenty of pockets to accommodate the extra amount of diapers, wipes, extra clothing and food supplies for multiples.
  4. Toys: Your babies won’t need two sets of toys and once the toys start multiplying themselves you will be happy to have less to find a place to store. Look for wooden or non-toxic toys so you won’t constantly be worried about the babies putting them in their mouths.
Julie McCaffrey
Authored by: Julie McCaffrey

Julie McCaffrey is a mommy to 3 kids, including one set of twins. Julie owns BabyNav Baby Planners where she offers personalized consultation to new and expecting parents. She is a modern baby gear expert and loves to help moms and dads navigate everything from baby gear to preparing for multiples to getting back to work and getting the whole family on a routine.

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