Five Minute Fix: Winter Whiteout

Five Minute Fix: Winter Whiteout

Brrrrrr! The chill of winter has set in, and my twins have their fingers and toes crossed that we get a snow day soon. Not everyone finds “the white stuff” reason to celebrate, however, there’s one place I’m always happy to see the color white – and that’s in the homes I decorate! Did you scoff? White is a color! Benjamin Moore Paint recently named “Simply White,” 2143-70, its 2016 Color of the Year. Why? Because white is crisp and fresh…and lets bright colors shine!

One of my favorite ways to add white to a design scheme is by using white linens. Everyone loves the look and feel of freshly laundered white sheets and it gives you the look of a boutique hotel. I often use white coverlets as well, because they layer effortlessly with other bedding. How about a fluffy white duvet cover folded at the bottom of the bed? Don’t be scared; white is much more family-friendly than you think. Thanks to the wonders of bleach, it’s far easier to get stains out of a washable white fabric than a multi-colored pattern. Best of all? White linens are readily available at all price points. Mixing and matching with white couldn’t be easier, so don’t forget to check stores like Marshall’s and HomeGoods for high-end brands at closeout prices. It won’t matter that you can’t buy the entire set!

In a cheerful bedroom for a lucky girl, I used the color white in the linens, the mirror, the chandelier and the lamps. The repetition makes my color choices feel intentional, and the white elements serve as a fantastic backdrop for the turquoise bed and lime green bedside table. Even the patterned duvet cover, sheets and pillows have a white background. I added turquoise trim to the lampshades for definition, and the shadowing created by the IKEA chandelier lends a certain texture. The overall effect is happy but calm, which is exactly how I want my children to feel in their rooms and especially at bedtime.

Now that’s the kind of whiteout I like to see in the forecast!

Traci Zeller
Authored by: Traci Zeller

Traci is an interior designer known for her clean, sophisticated mix of classic and modern pieces. As a busy wife and mother to twin boys, she appreciates the need for spaces that are beautiful and functional. Her firm, Traci Zeller Designs, provides full service design, textiles, and e-decorating packages. Follow her on social media to see where her designs lead!

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