From Bliss to Circus: How Life Changes After Babies Come Along

From Bliss to Circus: How Life Changes After Babies Come Along

There are essentially two things in life for which we can never be truly prepared: TWINS. ~Josh Billings

My husband Scott and I were married for just over a year when we found out we were pregnant. We were over the moon and blissfully happy that we would be having our first child. I vividly remember the drive to my OB’s office for our first appointment. It was filled with talk of how to decorate the nursery, when we would have a brother or sister for this baby. We had no idea what was about to happen in that exam room.

The initial exam was perfect. My doctor was just as excited as we were. We headed into the ultrasound room and could not wait to see our baby. Then our doctor said, “Oh, wait, what is that?”

My heart sank, I just knew something was wrong and held my breath until she said, “Oh, it’s two!”

Two? What did she mean? Two what? Surely not two babies…twins. Scott almost hit the floor and I laughed (and then cried). Two? Two babies?!? Oh my God! We need a new car, a bigger house, new everything!

My twins are almost eight and we are fairly unscathed from the circus atmosphere that has encircled us for the past near decade. I want to share with you some of my survival tips for the first few years to help you understand that you can wrangle this crazy parenting journey with multiples!

Tip #1: Embrace the crazy.
My pregnancy was filled with sickness, hospital visits for rehydrating, aches/pains, moments of sheer bliss, fear, and naturally, anxiety. It was a hormone-fueled rollercoaster to say the least. Thankfully, Scott was fantastic during the entire process. I had the most specific food cravings of anyone I know. For a few weeks I wanted nothing but lattice-topped apple pie with sliced, not diced, apples. One night Scott went to four different stores to locate that pie. Four. The man is a saint. I also had an addiction to every baby show on TLC (any others share my addiction?). I would call Scott on an almost hourly basis to tell him that I was convinced something was wrong with the babies because on A Baby Story, I saw this, that and the next thing. He ratted me out to my doctor and I was banned from watching any show remotely close to that during the remainder of my pregnancy. However, I quickly found a new addiction…Snapped. Jokes on you, babe.

Tip #2: Document the crazy.
Settling in to twin parenthood was quite an adjustment. We were sleep deprived and just trying to keep our heads above water 90% of the time.

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Amanda Nethero
Authored by: Amanda Nethero

Amanda is a mother to fraternal twins and works as a marketing coordinator for a not-for-profit organization. When she is not running her twins to different activities, Amanda is an active runner and blogger. You can keep up with Amanda and her family at Twice the Love...Half the Sleep.

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