Get Help on Bedrest…and How to Ask!

Get Help on Bedrest…and How to Ask!

With a multiple birth pregnancy, there are many different reasons that you can end up on bedrest. You may be confined to home, but even hospital bedrest is a possibility, depending on the issue. While it seems a blessing, bedrest is one of the hardest things you might ever go through. If you are used to being independent, suddenly depending on others for everything from keeping your house clean to even washing your hair can cause even more stress in an already stressful pregnancy situation.

Though it may be hard to do and you’re unsure how people will respond, ask for help. People really do want to help — really, they do! I know it is really hard to ask for the help, but do it. It will help ease your stress and it will get you used to asking for help, a skill that will benefit you greatly once your babies arrive.

When you end up on bedrest all the phone calls, texts, and emails can be overwhelming. Come up with a plan to organize everyone who offers help. Are you good with spreadsheets? Make one that lists everything you need help with, and start assigning volunteers. Spreadsheets not your thing? Make a list or ask someone else to be in charge of getting your list down for you.

Start a blog or utilize the CarePage your doctor or hospital may have available. It’s easy to keep people updated on you and the babies’ status, ask for help, and keep track of who may be helping you out, when and even how through this invaluable resource. Still not sure how to ask and what you may need help with? Here are 20 easy ways to be helped while on bed rest:

1. Have other kids at home? Ask family and friends to organize childcare to help you out. Ask someone organized (if that’s not you) to keep the schedule for you. Make sure any carpool needs are covered, too. Also, if you end up on bedrest in the hospital, don’t forget to ask people to bring your kids to see you. You’ll want them as involved as they can be so that they feel included which will especially help with the transition of the babies’ arrival.
2. If anyone offers to bring you food, take them up on it. Even if no one offers, ask for food. I was on hospital bedrest with my first two (and only) children, so the number one favorite thing people did for me was bring me food because the hospital food was awful. Even on home bedrest, it is wonderful to have a schedule of meals brought to you that can easily be warmed and served. You’ll be in no condition to be on your feet slaving away at a stove or in the kitchen preparing meals for your family. The added bonus is that some of the meals can be frozen for easy dinners after the babies arrive. Again, you’ll likely be tired, healing and a little overwhelmed and the last thing you’ll want to think about is preparing dinner.

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Susan Rassette
Authored by: Susan Rassette

Susan Rassette is a single mom to ten year old fraternal twin girls. She lives in Indiana. Hobbies include baking, fitness, bike riding, and reading.

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