Great Candy Run Gives Families the Sweetest Finish Ever!

Great Candy Run Gives Families the Sweetest Finish Ever!

Is there any better way to get 2,500+ kids moving than candy? It turns out, candy and the nostalgia of timeless memorabilia like the Candy Man and Candyland are great motivators for people of all ages.

While it has been around for a while and has changed names a few times over the years, The Great Candy Run was created as a fun event to increase awareness and raise funds around fetal syndrome research. Now expanding to its third city in 2016 and its fourth in 2017, it is the largest fundraising and awareness event put on by the Fetal Health Foundation each year. In the three years since its rebranding, the Foundation has hosted more than 16,000 participants across the country!

As a 5K that encourages walking, running, and even a competitive Stroller Division for those with little ones, the Great Candy Run is more than just candy. It offers fun for the whole family and provides a good balance between the sweet life and the importance of fitness. The finish line is surrounded by candy, refreshments, finisher medals, music, and so much more to offer a great, memorable experience. There is truly something for everyone! Take one look around and you’ll see kids and parents coming through the finish line together, parents cheering on kids, and kids cheering on those parents that couldn’t quite keep up!

Yet what families learn is that “the sweetest finish ever” goes so much deeper than the smiles and the laughter, the costumes and the candy. At the heart of this event, the Foundation is providing hope and saving babies’ lives. With more than 200 babies dying each day due to complications surrounding a fetal syndrome, the Foundation aims to change that. The proceeds of these events directly benefit the Foundation’s mission which supports research grants in improving treatment options for a number of those syndromes.

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Michelle Somers
Authored by: Michelle Somers

Michelle is Co-Founder of the Fetal Health Foundation® and its flagship event, The Great Candy Run® with her husband, Lonnie. Her inspiration for supporting families and research lies within her identical twin girls who are TTTS survivors. She also co-owns Hallucination Sports, timing and scoring running events around the country.

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