Mental Health Musings from a Post-NICU Mom

Mental Health Musings from a Post-NICU Mom

I’m a Post-NICU Mom, managing life and death, with a baby on a heart monitor, and I will not make accommodations for emotional crap that does not apply to me. Don’t let that statement scare you. Most babies will not go home on heart monitors and for those that do, it will be purely precautionary and will someday be forgotten. What will not be forgotten are the people who act a fool and make your life unduly stressful during your pregnancy and those fragile few months after delivery.

You know what I am talking about. The thirty-five year feud between your mother and your grandmother (your Dad’s mother) comes to a head in your living room while your two year old is smelling up the room with his dirty diaper and your newborn is screaming. Each of them later decides to tell you her side of the story, but somehow, you just don’t care because you feel outright resentful that this is coming up now. You have a lot going on and you lack the patience or the emotional energy to mediate their problems.

Then, your crazy mother-in-law announces she is heading to your house thirty seconds after you get released from the hospital only to throw a hissy fit that she will have to actually stay at your house to help instead of getting to go shopping. You look at your husband and wonder how he survived his time as a newborn with her charge. How did he not get RSV or whooping cough or some other death causing disease? Is it not possible that he would have been better off having been raised by wolves than by this woman?

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Paula Yost Schupp
Authored by: Paula Yost Schupp

Paula Yost Schupp currently serves as the Chair of the Child Protection Team in Cabarrus County, NC. In addition to being a federally licensed U.S. Patent and Trademark Attorney, she holds a Masters in Clinical Mental Health. Paula is happily married to her husband of six years. They have three children, one adopted and two from scratch. To read more about Paula, visit her website.

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