Passing the Baton: When it’s Time to Let Them Do More

Passing the Baton: When it’s Time to Let Them Do More

Does it come natural for children to grab the baton and navigate responsibilities on their own one day? Or perhaps, are we as parents preparing to release the baton earlier than children are ready to handle it?

Every parent faces this difficult transition during the growing years with their children and so I hope that many of you parents that are ready to pass the baton are on board to do so easily and with the confidence that your children are ready for the added responsibility.

We all know that there aren’t any instructional guidelines for appropriate stages and ages of responsibility; however, research shows that children begin to give you clues as to when they’re ready to handle things on their own. Let’s think back to when they were able to take their first steps. You were there to navigate the fall, yet all along, they were ready after watching you model that step by step motion all around them. It is a sense of freedom in a positively reinforced way.

Sometimes the question is are we prepared as parents to let go of some of the millions of chores and responsibilities that we tackle in the name of the family each day? Do you find yourself saying “it’s easier to do the job myself rather than the kids doing it”? The reality of having multiples is that we actually may have double the dose of less responsibility or double the dose of a mess by letting them tackle tasks alone…it all depends on your little ones and their personalities. The only way to approach it is to ask yourself — am I modeling the behaviors that I want my children to develop along with the confidence to learn new things and not be afraid to succeed or fail?

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Natasha D'Anna
Authored by: Natasha D'Anna

Natasha is a mom of twin girls, an educator, a writer of a children’s book titled Twindollicious, and a blogger, where she blogs about all things twin-like and fashion for kids. She worked in the field of education for almost ten years before fulfilling her dreams of having children of her own. It was then that she felt she could truly make a difference in a person’s life. In this case, these two Twindollicious girls with great personalities. Connect with her on facebook and twitter.

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