Preparing for When One Must Stay Behind

Preparing for When One Must Stay Behind

According to the March of Dimes, more than 50% of twins and the majority of higher order multiple sets are born with low birth weight, weighing in at less than 5½ pounds at birth. Low birth weight and poor fetal growth are often the direct result of premature birth, which is common with multiple birth pregnancies. For those who are born before 32 weeks’ gestation, they are at increased risk of health problems throughout the newborn period and may require at least some care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the hospital. *

I am a NICU mom, but I’m not a twin mom. Being a twin mom creates a whole separate level of stress, as often a parent can be forced to take one child home and leave one child in the NICU. That is exactly what happened to Charlotte, North Carolina lawyer, Holly Norvell, on the birth of her twin daughters and she shares more on her experience.

Holly said that one of the most important things she needed was childcare for the twin at home while she visited the twin in the NICU. Sometimes, she and her husband were able to work their schedules out so one could be with one child while the other went to the hospital. The Norvell grandparents were all out of state and while Grandma did visit in the beginning to help, she could only stay for a couple of weeks. Sometimes, babies come home from the NICU on heart monitors or on oxygen and parents feel uncomfortable leaving their preemies with just anyone. Nursing friends or night nurse agencies can assist with these types of special needs.

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Paula Yost Schupp
Authored by: Paula Yost Schupp

Paula Yost Schupp currently serves as the Chair of the Child Protection Team in Cabarrus County, NC. In addition to being a federally licensed U.S. Patent and Trademark Attorney, she holds a Masters in Clinical Mental Health. Paula is happily married to her husband of six years. They have three children, one adopted and two from scratch. To read more about Paula, visit her website.

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