Prevent the Summer Slide: Tips for Learning on the Go!

Prevent the Summer Slide: Tips for Learning on the Go!

According to the National Summer Learning Association, many students will face 2-3 months’ summer learning loss in reading and
math, without programs or encouragement to keep their minds and bodies engaged.

It’s no mystery that kids seem to let the structured learning slide during the summer, as there are so many fun things to do, places to go and people to see. With these simple tips, you can help incorporate learning from your own backyard, or on the go at the park and in your community, and even on vacation.

*There’s nothing better than exploring nature.
Now is the time to be looking for caterpillars and their chrysalis, or even tadpoles so that you can watch and teach your kids about this cycle of life. Some of these things can be found in your own backyard. If you live near a farm, see about visiting to see the new baby animals. Kids will love watching the new baby chicks and ducks, and even baby goats and other animals. By summer, they’ll still be small enough to watch and enjoy!

If you’re not where you can see living animals to study their growth and development, check out Nature Gifts to order butterfly kits, tadpole kits, and more. You and your kids can watch the cycle occur from the beginning phase to the end, resulting in critters and creatures all your very own!

*Visit your local market
Spring and summer brings out the best in all of us, and especially the foods we eat. Farmer’s markets are a great resource to explore and thankfully, have grown in popularity, even in some of the larger cities. Spend a Saturday morning combing through the vendors, exploring all of the varieties of fruits and vegetables grown local to you. Your kids can even learn about how they garden and why it’s important to them. For some, it’s still a large part of their livelihood.

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Talitha McGuinness
Authored by: Talitha McGuinness

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