Quick Tips for Traveling with Twins!

Quick Tips for Traveling with Twins!

No matter whether you’ve just come home from the hospital or you have a few years under your belt, it’s not always easy traveling with multiples! Here we provide a few “quick tips” for traveling with twins — to help make life a little easier!

with babies in tow:

*Always have a diaper bag stocked with necessities, and be certain to have spare items in the car (i.e. diapers, wipes, formula and water if bottle feeding, a change of clothes, etc.). If you’re traveling for more than an hour or two, you can never predict the traffic, construction and detours, etc. and will be prepared for whatever the road throws your way!

*Have everything fairly accessible for the babies. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting on your way, only to have the babies get fussy and you can’t reach their pacifiers (have spare!), bottles, books, you name it. Place all of these necessities within reach to limit the number of times you need to stop.

*If you’re breastfeeding and can’t get comfortable, try stopping at a hotel and ask at the front desk to use their lobby. Most will be happy to oblige. It will likely be a little warmer/cooler (depending on season), and give you a little more space. We all know that when you and babies are more comfortable, the feeding goes much more smoothly!

with toddlers in tow:

*Know your route. Be sure to know where the rest stops or other restroom facilities might be along your route. If you plan to be in the car for a long time, know where some area parks are so that everyone can take a break, stretch and run around (and even enjoy the fresh air).

*Consider purchasing a travel potty if you’re in the throes of potty training. We all know that kids need to go when you least expect it (and when there is nowhere to physically go along the journey!).

*Stock up on healthy snacks, drinks and various forms of entertainment. Short movies, fun music, crayons, digital games, and even games you create yourself that everyone can play along with are great to keep them entertained and occupied when their fuses begin to short!

*Help them understand the travel time. Consider getting them a watch with a timer that you can set in hour increments. When the timer goes off, they know you will be stopping for them to stretch, have a snack, change up the entertainment, etc. It will help break the trip up and limit the number of times you hear “are we there yet?”

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Talitha McGuinness
Authored by: Talitha McGuinness

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