Saying Goodbye – Leaving a Part Behind

Saying Goodbye – Leaving a Part Behind

For the past 18 years, my brother and I have been very close. We’ve been in the same classes ever since we were in preschool. We have played on the same sports teams, got the same presents, made the same grades in school; there wasn’t much of a difference between us. Yet, with all of this “closeness” and “sameness”, as we’ve grown older, I’ve found that we have grown farther and farther apart and have become a lot more individual. I guess that’s the way it should be and only natural with any set of twins.

When we were much younger, we always dressed the same and acted the same. We went everywhere together and never left each other’s side. Growing up with a twin is much different then growing up with any other sibling. For good or bad, it pushed us to make ourselves better and made us extremely competitive people. We could literally have a competition about anything and everything possible; one is always trying to outdo the other.

Getting older and growing up can be difficult for any kid. Some kids find it difficult to fit in and make new friends. Thankfully, my brother and I have never had that problem. We never had to worry about fitting in or finding friends because we always had someone with us; we always had each other. It no longer bothers me, but when I was younger, I hated to be alone at any point in time no matter what I was doing. If we went to a sporting event, I hated walking in by myself or even getting up to go to the bathroom. There’s just something to be said about that natural dependence twins have of each other, even when they are older and separated. They don’t realize how much they relied on the other for security and support until that “other” is no longer there.

I think that having a twin growing up has made me the competitive person I am today, as I think it has helped me excel in everything. There was always someone to gauge my success against. If he was doing well at a sport or even in a class, it pushed me that much harder to try to excel or even do better.

High school was the first time in our lives that we were ever separated for classes. Until then, we were always in the same classes, had the same friends, and basically were one person. In high school, we started to really make a way for ourselves; we have had different classes, started to hang out with different friends and weren’t around each other as much. It seems crazy that it took so long to find and embrace our independence.
As we have entered our last year of high school, we are heading towards graduation and college, going off on our own. There will be many changes and challenges we’ll both face in the near future, but I finally feel like it won’t be difficult to be away from him. I guess I’ve grown up. In fact, we both have. In the past, there was no way I would have ever been comfortable being separated from him, but we have embraced ourselves as individuals, have developed our own personalities, and interests, and have seen that we can each do it on our own. I hope our parents are proud of what we’ve accomplished.

I feel like being separated from your twin for the first time can be difficult for some people, but I think that since we started to branch off on our own over the past few years, it won’t be as difficult. Saying goodbye will certainly be hard, but we both know we can do it and that no matter where we go, we’ll always have each other. A lot of people say that they would hate growing up with a twin. It has definitely made me who I am today and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Grant Stevens
Authored by: Grant Stevens

Grant Stevens is a twin with a younger brother, too. He is a graduating senior, works a part-time job, loves spending time with his girlfriend, and enjoys playing soccer and baseball, which he’s played all his life. He plans to attend a local college, going into the Engineering field.

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