Summer + Sensory Processing Disorder: Keep it from Spelling Disaster

Summer + Sensory Processing Disorder: Keep it from Spelling Disaster

Summer means a more flexible schedule or perhaps no schedule at all, inconsistent sleeping and feeding schedules, and lots of fun in the sun. While most children enjoy a day on the beach with all the fun things to explore, including the untamed surf, this type of scenario could spell disaster for a child with sensory processing disorder. The sand, heat and the breeze may irritate their sensitive skin; the crowds and the noise would upset them. For a child with sensitivities, the whole situation could simply overwhelm them. Here are a few tips for enjoying the summer with your sensitive little ones in mind.

keep to the schedule.
Children with sensitivities depend on structure and when they know what is expected or what will happen at a certain time, they are more likely to thrive in any environment, especially when it is new. This goes the same for their diet and rest. If there are certain foods that serve as triggers for your child, be sure to avoid them at all costs, even if everyone else is being a little more lax in what they eat. Also, be sure your children eat and rest at consistent times, as any hungry and tired child will meltdown given the proper circumstance.

know your child.
If your child or children panic at the thought of water or get upset easily by bright light, you should consider what activities might work best for them in summer. Perhaps a day at the waterpark or splashpad isn’t in your future.

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Talitha McGuinness
Authored by: Talitha McGuinness

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