The Dr. Is In: 5 Tips on Treating Hay Fever in Spring

The Dr. Is In: 5 Tips on Treating Hay Fever in Spring

We are excited to head into spring, but along with this time of year often comes drainage, coughing, sneezing, and watery, itchy eyes. Spring fever? Maybe literally! The official term for the symptoms from which people suffer is “hay fever”, affecting anyone who suffers from allergies. Apparently, it is also very common and widespread across the United States, as more than 3 million cases are reported each year.

The good news is that it is usually self-diagnosible and you can treat it at home, with no doctor appointment necessary (of course, should you have a severe case causing other uncomfortable symptoms like a sinus infection, see your doctor for treatment). The bad news is that it occurs either seasonally or year round (depending on where you live), and that it can be a lifelong condition with which you must learn to cope. But what is “hay fever” and when is it just a cold?

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Preeti Parikh
Authored by: Preeti Parikh

Dr. Preeti Parikh is a board-certified pediatrician and serves as the Chief Medical Editor of HealthiNation, a medical expert on, medical contributor to Multiplicity, and has contributed to various other publications. Her goal is to empower both parents and children with the right knowledge and tools to achieve their optimal health. She enjoys her free time with her husband and twin children.

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