The Link Between Exercise + ADHD

The Link Between Exercise + ADHD

Research shows that for older children, 1 hour of exercise allows them up to 4 hours of focus. The trick is encouraging and sometimes even participating or setting an example to make it work. *

During the early 1980’s, research began for answers regarding ADHD, as the recognized behaviors were of chronic restlessness, impulsivity and the inability for a child to stay focused. As awareness of these behaviors amongst children in school by teachers and professionals began to rise, the number of ADHD diagnoses rose, as well. When doctors recognized that hyperactive children also had significant problems staying on task, following instructions or listening to their teachers, they began to look at what factors were contributing and ways in which to harness the hyperactivity in order to increase focus.

The behaviors expressed were soon diagnosed as a hyperkinetic disorder, but with further research, soon changed to attention deficit disorder, or ADD. The direct focus on the behaviors of hyperactivity and impulsivity with the inattention to remain on task became the beginning of the understanding phase of the syndrome. On the other hand, ADHD was beginning to gain more recognition in the behaviors expressed by diagnosed children. This was mainly due to the struggles expressed with hyperactivity and impulsive behavior.

As ADD and ADHD are still relatively new in the clinical world and very popular amongst young children, many older people are not aware that they have this diagnosis until adult age. A diagnosis typically comes between the ages of 5 and 12. Typical symptoms of ADHD include:
*hyperactivity & impulsivity
*interrupting conversation
*frequently talking and moving
*struggling to pay attention
*easily distracted

It is thought that some of the most successful and famous people may have revealed their diagnosis through their behavior, personalities and work. Perhaps among those are Walt Disney, Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, Justin Timberlake, Richard Branson and the great Philosopher Albert Einstein, to name just a few. It can be safe to say that with the disorder also comes creativity along a spectrum.

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Natasha D'Anna
Authored by: Natasha D'Anna

Natasha is a mom of twin girls, an educator, a writer of a children’s book titled Twindollicious, and a blogger, where she blogs about all things twin-like and fashion for kids. She worked in the field of education for almost ten years before fulfilling her dreams of having children of her own. It was then that she felt she could truly make a difference in a person’s life. In this case, these two Twindollicious girls with great personalities. Connect with her on facebook and twitter.

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