The Low-Down on the Dirty: Tips for Reigniting Your Passion

The Low-Down on the Dirty: Tips for Reigniting Your Passion

Does it seem that it is not as easy to be romantic since the twins came along? Have you noticed a decline in your “alone” or one-on-one time? If you’re like many twin parents, you feel like ships passing in the night. You’re definitely not alone, as research shows that the average life for marriage in America is seven years — and you can imagine the added toll taken when factoring in a set of twins or more.*

If you’re tired of the routine in which you’ve fallen or see that your partner could use a little more attention, take note of these simple steps.

First, figure out why the loss of heat. Are you overworked? Does your partner travel a lot? Have you gotten distracted by raising children? Do you make time for each other? Are you even interested in making time for each other? Figuring out these answers will help you know where to go next and whether there’s even a chance to reignite the passion in your relationship.

Offer a sacrifice. Just like when you were courting, marriage requires that each partner maintain some level of sacrifice in order to make it work and make each continue to desire the other. Have you brought home flowers for her lately? Could you go see that movie he’s been dying to see, even though you have no interest whatsoever? Sometimes, it really is the little things that make for a happy life and marriage. When we’re each happy with the sacrifices (no matter how big or small), we are more apt to fall into intimacy easily and naturally with each other.

Take interest in each other. While some of us may still hold the same interests we once did pre-kids, chances are we’ve changed a bit. Take note in what your spouse likes to do.

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Talitha McGuinness
Authored by: Talitha McGuinness

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