Tips for Making Earth Day EVERY Day!

Tips for Making Earth Day EVERY Day!

Every year on April 22, 192 countries organize global events to bring awareness to Earth Day.  This tradition started in 1970 and is just as important today, because at the end of every day we have to be grateful for the ground we live on.  One of the best ways to make sure the tradition carries on is to share its importance with children.  Families and classrooms everywhere take great measures to teach and practice good Earth-keeping activities, such as planting new trees, recycling, holding awareness events, and working on legislation that would improve our environment.  Here are tips to make sure you and the children in your life carry on this incredibly important tradition on a daily basis, so that the planet will be around for generations and generations to come.

1. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
The government, in an effort to keep conservation and the environment relevant to consumers, came up with this campaign slogan a few years ago. By cutting down, finding ways to reuse items and recycle them, Earth Day is easily a part of our daily lives.

2. Upcycle.
Taking items and reusing them, but by adding a flair for increased quality or value to them is a great way to celebrate Earth Day. Pinterest is a treasure mine to find upcycle ideas. The difference between reusing an item and upcycling it is the difference between throwing some pens into a washed repurposed coffee can, and taking that coffee can and using Mod Podge to attach cloth and hand sew beads around the rim. Upcycling elevates and repurposes, which often times can be more fun and inspiring than simply reusing.

3. Cardboard and Box Be Gone.
Parents are always faced with the age-old dilemma of children loving the boxes the toys came in while ignoring the toys. So why not make a toy out of the boxes? Every family goes through countless toilet paper roles and those little cardboard inserts are pretty useless unless they can be repurposed. Instead of throwing them away and creating more trash, glue them all side by side inside a box of any size to create a Hot Wheel storage unit. Use some of those Amazon boxes from the holidays to create containers to collect all the smaller cardboard items for later use.
Another idea is to attach some of those package cardboard boxes together to make a train. It can be painted and when dry, a cheap, recycled, repurposed toy for the kids and their imaginations.

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Angel Rodrigues
Authored by: Angel Rodrigues

Angel Rodrigues is mom to a 10 year old son, 8 year old twin boys, and her 6 year old daughter. She has been married to the best man on earth for over 17 years. She has a passion for writing, humanity, and the common good. You can follow along with her blog or find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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