Twins in School: Tips for a Smooth Transition

Twins in School: Tips for a Smooth Transition

Getting back into the school routine after a more relaxed summer timetable can be challenging for both parents and kids. While many moms and dads look forward to having more structured time for their multiples, the school year demands that the whole family gets back into a more rigid schedule — which has its pluses and minuses. If this school year is the time your multiples are beginning kindergarten, this is an even more exciting and memorable time, which requires a bit more focus and attention to precious emotional details that accompany this momentous developmental milestone.

As many parents of multiples are well aware, different states and even different school districts have varying policies about the placement of multiples. Some have strict regulations about separating them and others will leave it up to the discretion of the family. So the first order of business is to find out in plenty of time what the school district’s policies are so that you can amply prepare yourself and your children — especially if they have not had opportunities to be separated in the past. It’s important to understand that the separation anxiety that some twins might experience is not so much about missing their sibling; rather, it has much more to do with the fact that they are dependent upon one another to feel secure and safe because they spend so much time together. Having their “security blanket” wrested away without explanation or preparation will naturally be traumatic and scary.

With these ideas in mind, I want to share some advice and suggestions to help enjoy and facilitate these back to school experiences.

Dress your multiples differently
If your multiples are in the same or separate classroom, it will be very helpful to dress them differently or have distinguishing characteristics that make each one clearly identifiable, especially with identical twins.

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Joan Friedman
Authored by: Joan Friedman

Dr. Joan A. Friedman is a psychotherapist who has devoted years of her professional career to educating twins and their families about twins’ emotional needs. A twin herself and having worked through her own twinship challenges and parented her fraternal twin sons, she is a definitive expert about twin development. She is the author of Emotionally Healthy Twins: A New Philosophy for Parenting Two Unique Children. Her second book that is now available, The Same but Different, addresses the intricacies of adult twin relationships.

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