Twins in the City: Getting Out and About With Littles in NYC

Twins in the City: Getting Out and About With Littles in NYC

“It only takes five adults to care for two babies,” my mother said of her one-year old twin great-grandsons, Tobiah and Jake. My husband, Steve, and I were visiting New York City with our daughter, Emily and son-in-law, Nick. It was their idea. We never would have suggested a trip to NYC with babies. Nick is a big Chicago Cubs fan, so for his birthday, they wanted to attend a Cubs/New York Mets baseball game at Citi Field in Queens. They asked Steve and I (Grandma and Grandpa) to babysit while they attended the game.

But we had so many questions. How would we get around with babies? And where should we take them? I knew we wouldn’t be attending Broadway plays or the ballet or concerts as we had on previous city visits. What would we do? How would we feed them? We asked friends, did a little research, talked and planned everything out, and as a result, had a wonderful trip and experience. Here’s how you can, too!

We brought umbrella strollers for the twins, which folded up for easy storage on the bus, in a restaurant, and the hotel. My daughter had considered buying a double umbrella stroller, but decided two separate strollers would be easier for us to maneuver and store, and she was right. We all took turns pushing. We either walked or took buses. Thankfully, we only got caught in the rain once early in our trip.

For lunch the first day, we ate at the Potbelly Sandwich Shop where we fed the boys in their strollers because they didn’t have any highchairs. Needless to say, before we went to dinner, we telephoned several of the restaurants. Some had only one highchair or none at all. So we Googled “Kid-Friendly NYC Restaurants in Midtown,” and found an Italian restaurant with good reviews. Kids can only sit comfortably in a stroller for so long, and who knew something as simple as a high chair at a restaurant would be so hard to find?

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Amy Houts
Authored by: Amy Houts

Amy is the author of over 60 books, numerous articles, and poetry. She loves the special connection and relationship of a parent and grandparent to a child. Having multiples in the family makes everything more fun! To connect with Amy, find her on facebook, linkedin and twitter.

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