What Mamas are Made Of…A Glimpse into the Shape Shifting of Women During Motherhood

What Mamas are Made Of…A Glimpse into the Shape Shifting of Women During Motherhood

You know how little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, and little boys are made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails? I got to thinking…what are mamas made of?

I’m sure the answer to this question differs depending on who you ask. Our kids may say hugs and kisses and fulfilled wishes, yet our husbands (if they’re being generous), may say mamas are made of patience and grit like no one else. Combining the two, it could easily be said that mamas are the literal glue that holds the family together.

By definition, motherhood “is the state or experience of giving birth to and raising a child”. Yet, as simple as that sounds, it seems to fall flat compared to what mamas do (and live to tell about) each day.

Motherhood is a stage in life that is new to every woman upon having her first child (or in our case, children). It’s unchartered territory, and although there are books and other mothers on which to rely and garner strength, wisdom and let’s be honest, guts to tackle what is expected of us, all of this falls away when it comes down to what we make of it and what works for us and our family. Motherhood creates a whole new world for us, one in which it sometimes takes the majority of our kids’ growing up years to even figure out. That woman we were B.C. (before children) isn’t lost forever, but she’s definitely tucked away for a really long time — unless we can understand and appreciate the importance of finding a good balance to who we are.

As our children are born and require around the clock feedings and diaper changes, mamas are required to function on less sleep than ever before. We understand that it may be many months (ergo years!) before our twins and possibly even other children sleep through the night without our assistance and attention. We nurse, we feed, we rock, we sing, we snuggle and we soothe until they drift back off to dreamland, meanwhile, the last full night of sleep may have been at some point two years prior to their arrival (because we all know we didn’t sleep during pregnancy!). That is one of those “lasts” that mamas never remember…the last night you slept peacefully and fully before you had children (for those reading this who are contemplating pregnancy and starting a family — cherish it with every comfortable position in which you find yourself!).

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Talitha McGuinness
Authored by: Talitha McGuinness

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