When Dads Play a Big Role, Too!

When Dads Play a Big Role, Too!

It’s no secret that dad’s roles are changing in today’s families. Men are no longer the sole breadwinner, and men’s and women’s roles are converging more than ever before. Nearly 10% of dads stay home to care for the kids, while moms drive off to work each day. Dads are a necessary foundation within the family unit, and never more so than when a mom goes through a turbulent pregnancy. *pew research center

When a couple learns they are pregnant, they soon begin to dream about what life will be like when the baby arrives, how their lives will change and all the joy the baby will bring. They rarely think about the possibilities of something bad happening — of their baby being diagnosed with a fetal syndrome, risking their health and possibly the entire pregnancy. It’s a risk we all take at trying to conceive, and especially when twins and more come into the picture.

During her second pregnancy, my wife, Krista and I learned around 12 weeks that we were pregnant with twins. With little time to absorb the shock of the news, at 16 weeks, we learned there was a discordance in the amniotic fluid that warranted additional and more frequent monitoring with our specialists.

We were seen once each week to monitor the babies’ vitals and fluid levels. Ultimately, at week 23, we were told that it was time for action. Our little Madeline had too much amniotic fluid and little Leslie had virtually no visible fluid in her sac. Words like Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), growth and fluid discordance, fetal stress, and shared placenta were all words tossed around like we were taking a walk in the park. Of course to the doctors, this is something that they often see with twins, yet to us, it felt like our world with the new babies was crumbling around us before it had even started.

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Authored by: Matt Ray

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