You want to write for us? Super! We’d love to have you and have prepared a few guidelines to help you along the way…

Submission Guidelines:

  • Articles need to be specific to parenting and when possible, to parenting multiples.
  • How to and numbered list articles: Detailed checklists and step-by-step type features are always well received.
  • Features should include a specific takeaway or actionable item.
  • We strongly encourage the submission of articles that tell a story or provide real-life examples of your journey with multiples.

To increase the chances of your articles being accepted, follow these suggestions:

  • We want to share new, easily-implementable, tried and true ways to make life simpler, live to the fullest, juggle all of our various roles in life, and especially, to parent our children; if we can read it elsewhere, we’d rather not have it in Multiplicity Magazine.
  • Use of videos, photos, screenshots infographics and other visual content is encouraged, but not necessary. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube or another similar channel to work within our magazine platform.
  • Articles should be less than 1,000 words and include any references from research as necessary.
  • We like to have fun while we’re learning. We’re all on this crazy journey called parenting twins and more together…let’s learn from each other and make the best of it!

The Multiplicity Magazine editorial process isn’t complicated…

  1. Submit your article to
  2. Articles will be reviewed as they are received. It may take several days to respond to unsolicited submissions.
  3. If your feature is a good fit for our readers, we will contact you to confirm our intent to review your feature for future publication.
  4. If selected, Multiplicity’s editor will review the article and prepare it for publication.
  5. If published, the article becomes the property of Multiplicity Magazine and should not be featured elsewhere (i.e. in the print or digital world).

Promotion and social media distribution

Multiplicity will promote articles via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and its own webpage. All authors are encouraged to promote their features through their own networks, as well. Us sharing + you sharing = more people reading your piece! It’s a win-win for all!

What to send with your article submission

  • Your desired compensation (either social media or $15 via paypal)
  • If selecting social media, we will need: Your Bio: Please submit a short bio approx 30-40 words and include links to your social media channels. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, website URL, etc.) Your headshot: Please submit a high res headshot to be used in conjunction with your bio. Because these are square within our magazine format, closer up, individual shots work best.

If you have a suggestion for content you’d like to see within Multiplicity Magazine, please email us at

Thanks! We are excited to share your experiences with our readers!