Not Better – Not Worse – Just Different

I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about something that has stood out to me over the last few weeks…
Six simple words with such powerful meaning.
A message I have carried with me for many years now – and will continue to carry as I teach my children the many lessons of life.

A lesson I, and all Brigidine St Ives girls, were taught early on in the piece.
Mrs Summerhayes (I hope this article finds its way to you) drilled it into us throughout our year 10 existence, and that message is…

“Not better – not worse – just different”

It’s a recurring theme in motherhood this comparison thing, and as a mother I would just like to say that I, personally, don’t understand it.

At Multiplicitymag, whether you breastfeed your babies or use formula – we don’t care.
Whether you use a dummy – or are against them – it’s not important.
Maybe you swear by organic or maybe you’re against the idea.
Maybe you like to cover yourself when feeding in public – or maybe you’re the woman sitting there with her boob out, looking at everyone with a face that says… ‘try me” (personally this was me).
No matter your choices, at Twingenuity we embrace women.
All women.
Free from criticism and judgement.
We celebrate motherhood in all its many forms.
Because the day to day choices you make and how you do it is not important.

What ‘is’ important…
Is that you do it with love and respect.

Over the last few weeks our story has received an overwhelming amount of publicity,
but it is not greater than yours.

Whether you have one baby, two, three or more.
Whether you had one last year, or many.
Boys or girls.
Your story is one worthy of being told.

And so a message to all mothers…

Know that you have the most important job in the world – and you’re doing amazing.
Know that we all work hard and make sacrifices, and we ‘all’ deserve to be acknowledged for that.
Appreciate that every woman’s journey is different and celebrate that difference.

Remember, as mothers…

We are more the same then we are different.

We are more similar than we are dissimilar

We are not better and not worse… just different.

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